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Managed Grazing

Livestock farmers are turning to Management Intensive Grazing (MIG) to improve animal health, reduce soil erosion, protect our lakes and rivers, and save money and time! Click the LEARN MORE button below to read more about our Managed Grazing program.



Urban agriculture has the goal of producing local, nutritional food for yourself, your business &/or your community, while providing space to gather, produce & distribute food. It can include community gardens, neighborhood gardens, backyard gardens, small-scale agriculture, food forests, & indoor growing facilities within urban areas.

No-Till Drill Rentals

No-till farming helps the environment by reducing soil erosion, but it also helps your crops by increasing nutrient retention and water infiltration. Click the FIND ONE button below for help finding equipment to use for interseeding thin pastures and converting hayland to pasture.

 Farm Navigator Network

The Great Lakes Farm Navigator Network, an initiative led by American Farmland Trust (AFT) and supported by the Great Lakes Protection Fund, will sustain our agricultural economy and communities and protect the ecological health of the Great Lakes.


Navigator organizations, provide services to help farmland owners transfer their land across generations and connect landowners with new farmers looking for land.  

Windshed Partners

The Central Wisconsin Windshed Partners (CWWP) is a cooperative venture between Golden Sands RC&D and our community partners. CWWP helps establish windbreaks by planting trees and provides follow up maintenance and assistance for three years after planting. CWWP helps landowners address soil and improve water quality. Click the LEARN MORE button to read more about our Windshed Partners.

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