In Wisconsin, water is an essential part of our natural heritage.  Our lakes, rivers, streams and groundwater provide us with clean water to drink, diverse habitats for fish and wildlife, places to fish and swim, vibrant economic opportunities, and a beautiful landscape.  Golden Sands RC&D is working on many projects to protect and improve our waters in the Central Sands region.

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We work with lake groups, citizens, businesses and community organizations to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS) and help remove them if already established. Click to read about how we can help you with your AIS problem.

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The Little Plover River is a groundwater fed river, with its headwaters in the Town of Stockton, facing many environmental challenges. Click to read about the Golden Sands RC&D partnership with Friends of the Little Plover River.

Water Purification Treatment

Since 1997, we have taught groundwater lessons to 5th grade classes in Waushara and Waupaca Counties and would like to expand to all the counties in our service area.  This year, two additional lessons are being offered!  Click to learn more!

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​Interested in finding different ways to control invasive species that don't involve chemical treatments? We just might have an answer for you! Click to find out about our biological control research.


We offer a variety of lake services consistent with WI DNR protocol including Point Intercept Aquatic Plant Surveys.  Click to find out we can help you learn more about your lake!


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