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Healthy forests are part of what makes Wisconsin a great place to live, work, and play. A well-managed forest can provide scenic beauty, diverse habitat for wildlife, and economic benefits while contributing to clean air and water. At Golden Sands RC&D we promote sustainable forest practices through public education and provide the tools necessary for private landowners to sustainably manage their forests. 

Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas

Golden Sands RC&D manages two cooperative invasive species management areas (CISMAs), the Central Wisconsin Invasives Partnership (CWIP) and the Northeast Wisconsin Invasives Partnership (NEWIP). Click the CWIP and NEWIP buttons below to learn more.

Logo for Central WI Invasives Partnership
Logo for Northeast WI Invasives Partnership

Tree Sales and Shelters

Golden Sands RC&D has a variety of tree shelters available for purchase. Click the LEARN MORE button below to read more about what we have available and about tree sales that are close to you.

Demonstration Forests

Demonstration forests are outdoor classrooms where landowners, curious citizens, school groups, and others can learn about managing forests for productivity and wildlife habitat. Click the LEARN MORE button to read more about our demonstration forests.

Habitat Management

There are various state and federal programs available to Wisconsin landowners to finance projects that enhance wildlife habitat and improve forest productivity. Click the LEARN MORE button below to read more about some of these programs.

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