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The future of the forest is in your hands.


Golden Sands Resource Conservation & Development Council, Inc. received the Wisconsin DNR Forest Stewardship Grant to fund the creation of demonstration sites on private woodlands. These sites were established to educate landowners on the importance of land stewardship and to teach landowners strategies to enhance woodland productivity and wildlife habitat. Golden Sands RC&D felt the best way to teach land stewardship was through the use of living classrooms, the woods. Thus began the Demonstration Forest program.

Originally, nine active demonstration forests were established due to a funding lag and property ownership transfers, only three sites remained in 2018. Fortunately, funding from the Ruffed Grouse Society and the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin revived the program and three additional Demonstration Forests were created in Taylor, Outagamie and Adams County.

Demonstration Forest logo


As funding becomes available, Golden Sands RC&D will create Demonstration Forests in each county within the 13 county service area. Our goal is to have one living classroom in each ecological landscape. There are currently nine demonstration forests in our service area and we are looking to develop ones in Marathon, Wood, Portage, and Green Lake County. Contact Jacob if you are interested in turning your property or part of your property into a Demonstration Forest. Click the ECOLOGICAL LANDSCAPES button below to learn more.

WI Map showing areas of ecological landscapes




Site 4

Larson Woodland

Western Coulees & Ridges

Site 5

Bear Crossing Woodland

North Central Forest

Site 6

Pinevilla Tree Farm

Central Lake Michigan Coastal

Site 1

Becker Woodland

Southeast Glacial Plains 

Site 2

Hendricksen Woodland

Central Sand Plains

Site 3

Hill Woodland

Central Sand Hills

Site 7

Oz Natural Area

Forest Transition

Site 8

Kann Tree Farm

Western Coulees & Ridges

Site 9

Schloss Woodland

Central Sand Hills

Schedule A Demonstration Forest Site Visit

Schedule your visit today to learn about forests and management strategies. Demonstration Forests also host tour groups and invite school groups to learn about land stewardship. Site visits are free for visitors but must be scheduled with the landowner as the land is still private. Make sure to check out each of the Demonstration Forest brochures to learn about the history of the site and about the current management strategies. When visiting these properties, please be considerate of your impact on the native habitat. To schedule a visit or learn more, please visit Jacob Fluur at (715) 343-6215 Ext. 713 or at Email.

Interested in learning about land management? Click here to view our video series to learn about the benefits of cooperative management.  This three part series covers cooperating for wildlife habitat, for invasive species control and for forest health. Hear from professionals about ways you can get involved and listen to landowner testaments. 

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