We offer a variety of services to help you with your environmental concerns and needs. Please contact us and find out how we can help!

Seminars and Presentations on:

Invasive species


Native plants and ecology


Lake management planning

Native wetland plants

Rain gardens

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Help:

Invasive species removal

Identification and removal training

Scuba/snorkel team for AIS removal

Lake, river & wetland surveys with mapping & summary

Purple Loosestrife bio-control

Eurasian Water Milfoil bio-control surveys

Lake management guidance

Woodland Wildlife Management:

Wildlife habitat improvement

Assistance forming woodland cooperatives

Terrestrial invasive species management

Emerald Ash Borer municipal planning


Managed grazing

Neighborhood gardens

Other Services:

Shoreland inventories

Residential rainwater runoff consultation

Grant writing assistance

Audience and Lecturer
Boat on Lake
Community Garden

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