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Ed Hernandez

Ed Hernandez - President

& Committee Chair

Personnel / Finance

and Delegate from Waushara County

Bob Walker

Bob Walker - Vice-President

and At-Large Member

Reesa Evans - Secretary

and At-Large Member

Gary Beastrom

Gary Beastrom - Treasurer

and At-Large Member

Allen Rosenthal

Allen Rosenthal - Committee Chair

Water Resources

and Delegate from Marquette County

Brent Tessmer - Committee Chair

Forestry / Agriculture / Wildlife

County Delegates

Adams County:

     Delegate TBD

     Dustin Grant - Alternate

Green Lake County:

     Robert Schweder

     Todd Morris - Alternate

Juneau County:

     Delegate TBD

     Dustin Ladd - Alternate

Marathon County:

     Al Drabek

     Diane Hanson - Alternate

Marquette County:

     Al Rosenthal

     Pat Kilbey - Alternate

Monroe County:

     Jen Schmitz

     Ron Luethe - Alternate

Columbia County:

     Mike Weyh

     Brad Cook - Alternate

Outagamie County:

     Delegate TBD

     Alternate TBD

Portage County:

     Delegate TBD

     Steve Bradley - Alternate

Waupaca County:

     Bob Ellis

     Brian Haase - Alternate

Waushara County:

     Delegate TBD

     Ed Hernandez - Alternate

Wood County:

     Bill Clendenning

     Bill Leichtnam - Alternate

Taylor County:

     Delegate TBD

     Joe Tomandl - Alternate

At-Large Members

Hugh O'Donnell

Bob Walker

Reesa Evans

Gary Beastrom

Al Barden

Merlin Becker

Shane Wucherpfennig

Corporate Members

Central Wisconsin Windshed Partners:

Shannon Rohde

Wisconsin Farmers Union:

Tommy Enright


We rely on the support and involvement of people who are passionate about caring for Central Wisconsin's lakes, forests and land.  We invite you to consider becoming a member of the council. Other ways you can help are through volunteering your time or making a donation to fund our work.

For more information contact:

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