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Groundwater Education

Since 1997, Golden Sands RC&D has been partnering with Waupaca and Waushara County Land and Water Conservation Departments to bring groundwater education opportunities to 5th grade classrooms in Central Wisconsin.  We are currently offering this program in Waupaca, Waushara, and Marquette Counties, but we're looking to expand our outreach to our entire Central Sands region.


The program teaches students about groundwater, soil types, and potential contaminates through an activity that simulates a soil profile. They learn how contaminates can penetrate soil layers, leach into the groundwater, and potentially end up in a community's drinking water supply.


To schedule a lesson in Waushara, Waupaca, or Marquette County email Amanda Burzynski. 

AIS Curriculum



These lesson plans can be used in grades K-12. Each chapter indicates which grade it is best used with, however they can be modified to fit each grade level.

Cover Page and Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Water Importance

1. What is the Water Cycle     

2. Rain Gauge Activity            

3. Water Cycle Stories

Chapter 2: Healthy Aquatic Ecosystem Components/Functions

1. Aquatic Ecosystem         

2. It's an Algae Eat Algae World        

3. Ecosystems and Change

Chapter 3: What is an Invasive?

1. Aquatic Invaders: Invasive Species       

2. Aquatic Plant Invasion!       

3. Invasion!!

Chapter 4: Invasive Effects on the Ecosystem 

1. Bioinvasion        

2. Invasives in our Neighborhood       

3. Invasive or Native? 

Chapter 5: Type of Aquatic Invasive Plants

1. Aquatic Invasive Plants Taking Over      

2. Musical Milfoil      

3. Aquatic Invasive Plant Identification

Chapter 6: Type of Animal Invasives

1. Exotic Species Wanted!       

2. Invasive Research      

3. Types of Aquatic Invasive Animals

Chapter 7: Water Activity Considerations

1. Develop a Wellhead Protection Program       

2. Pollution Soup      

3. Zebra Mussels in the Great Lakes Ecosystem

Chapter 8: Prevention of Spreading Invasives

1. Classroom Takeover!       

2. Invasive Species Media Campaign        

3. Working Together to Live Together

Appendix A: Science Performance Standards

Appendix B: Invasive and Native Species Cards

Appendix C: Invasive or Native Activity Spinner and Stage Signs

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