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What are AIS?

Exotic plants and animals can take over our lakes because their natural predators aren't here to keep them under control. They can spread quickly from lake to lake when boaters, fishermen, waterfowl hunters, trappers, or other lake users unknowingly transport them on equipment. Once established, they can spread out of control and threaten the existence of native plants and animals. Click the AIS BY COUNTY button below to see which aquatic invasive species can be found in your favorite lakes and the WHO AIS IMPACTS button to read more.

AIS Region 2022 Counties include:
Taylor, Clark, Marathon, Wood, Portage, Waupaca, MOnroe, Juneau, Waushaura, Marquette, Green Lake, Columbia

Lake Monitoring & Protection Network

Golden Sands RC&D is collaborating with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, UW-Extension Lakes Program, and 12 Wisconsin counties to implement region-wide aquatic invasive species (AIS) prevention programs. These programs are funded by the Lake Monitoring & Protection Network (LMPN) program through the DNR. Click the LEARN MORE button below to read more about the Lake Monitoring & Protection Network program.

Our AIS Program

We provide many helpful tools for people who live, work or simply enjoy recreating on the water or in wetlands. Citizens, lake & river residents, boaters, anglers, waterfowl hunters, and trappers are among the many groups that can learn to identify AIS and take precautions to prevent their spread. Sometimes AIS projects fall outside the boundaries of our grant funding. Our knowledgeable staff is available to complete these projects as contracted services. Click the LEARN MORE button below to read more or the AIS RESULTS button to read about our past work.

AIS Identification Fact Sheets

Want to learn more about aquatic invasive species (AIS)? Click the AIS FACT SHEETS button below to learn how to identify AIS, their ecological impacts, distribution, dispersal vectors, and control options. 

Have questions or want to get involved? Contact us!

Chris Hamerla

Regional AIS Coordinator

715-343-6215 ext. 704

Kendra Kundinger

Executive Director / Regional AIS Coordinator

715-343-6215 ext. 705

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Colton Wolosek

Regional AIS Coordinator

715-343-6215 ext. 708

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