Empower landowners to improve habitat, manage for invasive species, and sustainably manage their woodlands through bringing them together to form group cooperatives. That's the goal of the Woods & Wildlife for Today & Tomorrow Project!

Golden Sands RC&D has worked to bring together 80 landowners in 10 different cooperatives together across Central Wisconsin. This workshop series will share information about what these landowners have done and how other landowners across the state can get involved! Learn more about the Woods and Wildlife for Today and Tomorrow Project Here!

Workshops will be held on Saturdays at the Mead Wildlife Center from 9:30am-2:30pm at 2148 County Hwy S, Milladore, WI 54454 and will include lunch. Registration will become available by January 2020. Check back in to this site in February 2020 for registration information!


Cooperating for Wildlife Habitat: Saturday, April 18th, 2020

Wildlife depend on diverse types of habitats over the landscape. The average deer depends on 640 acres of habitat. In order to enhance wildlife habitat in your area, you need to think beyond the borders of your property. At this workshop, speakers will share information about a state program that can be used as a foundation to learn about what you can do on your property to improve habitat while working with your surrounding landowners.

Cooperating for Invasive Plant Management: Saturday, May 2nd, 2020

Managing for invasive plants is difficult for individual landowners to do on their own. If you manage for an invasive plant on your land and your neighbor doesn’t do the same, seeds can travel to your property and bring back the plants you have worked so hard to remove. At this workshop, we will share information about how you can reach out to your neighboring landowners to get them involved in invasive plant management, cost-share programs to manage for invasive species, and what you can do to help contribute to mapping invasive species statewide.

Cooperating for Forest Management: Saturday May 30th, 2020

If you want to keep your woodland healthy, you need to manage it. Even if you have a forest management plan, it can sometimes be difficult to find a logger to do a timber sale on your property using that plan. Landowners in cooperatives have the option to collaborate with their neighbors to conduct shared timber sales. At this workshop we will share information about what you can do to manage timber on your property. You will also learn about the efficiency of conducting shared timber sales with your neighbors, and how you can set up collaborative timber sales. 

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