Demostration Forests

There is a lot to learn from woodlands! There is also a lot you can learn about how to manage them to enhance woodland productivity and create better habitat for wildlife. Would you rather learn about forest management methods from a book? Or by going out to the woods to see it first hand? We think outdoor learning is best, too!


We received funding from the Wisconsin DNR Forest Stewardship Grant to establish stewardship demonstration

sites on private woodlands several decades ago. There used to be nine active sites, but with a funding lag and

with transfers in property ownership we were down to three sites in 2018. With new funding from the

Ruffed Grouse Society and the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, we now have three new

Demonstration Forests in Taylor, Outagamie, and Adams Counties!


Brochures for these sites will be prepared and printed during the winter of 2019-2020.


Whether you are a landowner considering strategies for managing your property, or just a curious citizen wanting

to learn more about forests, a Demonstration Forest site visit will teach you something new! Demo Forest

Landowners also invite school groups and host tour groups. Site visits are free for individuals and groups and

must be scheduled with the landowner (this is private land!). 


Schedule a site visit with a landowner! Fill out the form below with you contact information and we will have

the landowner contact you to set up an appointment.
















Map Key:
Demonstration Forests on Private Lands:
1- Becker Woodland - Example of a Southeast Glacial Plain Ecological Landscape
2- Henrickson Woodland - Example of a Central Sand Plains Ecological Landscape

3- Hill Woodland - Example of Central Sand Hills Ecological Landscape

4- Larson Woodland - Example of Western Coulees & Ridges Ecological Landscape

5- Bear Crossing Woodland - Example of North Central Forest Ecological Landscape

6- Ring Woodland - Example of Central Lake Michigan Coastal Landscape


Upcoming Goals

As funding becomes available, we are hoping to create a demonstration forest in each county.

We will focus on creating at least one living classroom in each Ecological Landscape in our service area.

Looking to develop more Demonstration Forests!

We are looking for potential landowners who would want to have a Demonstration Forest in Marathon, Wood, Portage, Waushara, Green Lake, and Monroe Counties! Please contact us if you are potentially interested in having your property become a Demonstration Forest!

UW Stevens Point "Nucleus" Wildlife Areas

UW Stevens Point professor Dr. Mike Demchik has been working with his students on marking and managing

timber stands on public lands to enhance woodland productivity and wildlife habitat. There are a number of

these sites in our service area. Golden Sands RC&D has been working with Dr. Mike Demchik to use these

areas as "nucleus" sites around cooperatives of landowners who get involved in deer and wildlife habitat

management and collective woodland management. These sites serve as a demonstration for landowners

who are considering getting involved in either the non-regulatory Deer Management Assistance Program

(DMAP) or in forest management programs.

If you visit any of these properties, please be sure to use caution and be sensitive to impacting the native habitat

in these areas. 

Here is a short summary of the Emmons Creek Fishery Area site:

Emmons Creek Fishery Area: The Emmons Creek Fisheries Area is a perfect example of collaborative work.  

WI DNR Foresters, Ecologists, Wildlife and Fisheries Biologists and others have been involved in management

of this property.  In addition, students from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point have helped mark a wide range

of the stands on this property in trainings with WI DNR Foresters and have also been involved with a number of

research projects.  This property highlights a number of aspects of management to improve wildlife habitat that

include shelterwoods, coppices, thinnings, thermal cover, barrens/savanna restoration work and others.  

This property is a DMAP nucleus area for the WI DNR.

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