We are proud to partner with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), County Land & Water Conservation Departments, the Grazing Land Conservation Initiative, and UW-Extension offices to plan and implement successful grazing systems throughout Central Wisconsin.

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We have been partnering with the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP) to work with watershed and conservation groups.

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Golden Sands has been working with GrassWorks Inc. to update some of their resources, including the list for Grazing Networks, Specialists and contractors throughout the state.
Grazing technical resources at Grassworks Inc.

In addition we've supported the development of the GrassWorks: Ask A Grazier resources.

GrassWorks: Ask-A-Grazier:  Did you ever have a question, but didn't know who might be able to help you?  Well we started this amazing forum where you can ask those grazing questions that are keeping you up at night and within minutes get responses from others.  

Three Ways to Participate!

1)  Email - Click Here

2)  Website Forum

3)  Facebook Group

UW-Extension's Suggestions and Pointers For New Grazers


Central Wisconsin Graziers is a group of graziers in Wisconsin dedicated to networking, educating, and developing successful graziers in the community.

Get updates on upcoming events in the grazing community!

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