Ed Hernandez

Ed Hernandez - President

& Committee Chair

Personnel / Finance

and Delegate from Waushara County

Bob Walker

Bob Walker - Vice-President

and At-Large Member

Evans2 3-15-12.JPG

Reesa Evans - Secretary

and At-Large Member

Gary Beastrom

Gary Beastrom - Treasurer

and At-Large Member

Allen Rosenthal

Allen Rosenthal - Committee Chair

Water Resources

and Marquette County Conservationist


Brent Tessmer - Committee Chair

Forestry / Agriculture / Wildlife


Central Wisconsin Windshed Partners:

Shannon Rhode

Wisconsin Farmers Union:

Tommy Enright


Adams County:

     Paul Pisellini - County Board Supervisor

     Kason Morley - County Delegate

Green Lake County:

     Vacant - County Board Supervisor

     Derek Kavanaugh - County Delegate

Juneau County:

     Scott Wilhorn - County Board Supervisor

      Dustin Ladd - County Delegate

Marathon County:

     Al Drabek - County Board Supervisor

     Diane Hanson - County Delegate

Marquette County:

     Allen Rosenthal - County Board Supervisor

     Patrick Kilbey - County Delegate

Monroe County:

     Jen Schmitz - County Board Supervisor

     Ron Luethe - County Delegate

Outagamie County:

     Vacant - County Board Supervisor

     Vacant - County Delegate

Portage County:

     Gerry Zastrow - County Board Supervisor

     Steve Bradley - County Delegate

Waupaca County:

     Bob Ellis - County Board Supervisor

     Brian Haase - County Delegate

Waushara County:

     Mike Kapp - County Board Supervisor

     Ed Hernandez - County Delegate

Wood County:

     Bill Clendening - County Board Supervisor

     Bill Leichtnam - County Board Supervisor

Taylor County:

     Vacant - County Board Supervisor

     Joe Tomandl - County Delegate


Hugh O'Donnell

Bob Walker

Reesa Evans

Gary Beastrom

Al Barden

Merlin Becker

Shane Wucherpfennig


We rely on the support and involvement of people who are passionate about caring for Central Wisconsin's lakes, forests and land.  We invite you to consider becoming a member of the council. Other ways you can help are through volunteering your time or making a donation to fund our work.

For more information contact: info@goldensandsrcd.org