The Soil Walk will be held on Thursday, September 29th at 5pm-7pm.



N8590 Fish Rd

New Lisbon, WI 53950

Thank you to Midwest Laboratories for helping sponsor this event!

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Bigalke Outdoor Enterprises was born out of a passion for the outdoors and nature.  Originally started as a deer nutrition and food plot company it has quickly evolved into a full service soil health and conservation business.


BOE specializes in land management including the sale of seeds and custom planting of food plots, pollinators, and native grasses.  Aaron has a passion for food plots, pollinators, and native grasses. Janine has a passion for gardening and providing locally grown fruits and vegetables to friends and family.  Both their passions are well served with fairly new focus on composting, compost teas, and compost extract.


Aaron is currently enrolled in the Soil Food Web School and studying under Dr. Elaine Ingham a world-renowned soil microbiologist.  Through his classes Aaron has learned about composting, brewing extract and teas, and applying to soil to promote nutrient dense food.  Harnessing the power of the Soil Food Web allows growers to provide nutrient dense harvests without the need for heavy fertilizer or pesticide use while at the same time sequestering carbon back into the soil. 


BOE’s dream is to eventually have a soil health learning center built at their home where they can host learning activities, harvest dinners, and share their passion with others to promote a healthier food supply and healthier planet.

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