These lesson plans can be used in grades K-12. Each chapter indicates which grade it is best used with, however they can be modified to fit each grade level.

Cover Page and Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Water Importance

1. What is the Water Cycle     

2. Rain Gauge Activity            

3. Water Cycle Stories

Chapter 2: Healthy Aquatic Ecosystem Components/Functions

1. Aquatic Ecosystem         

2. It's an Algae Eat Algae World        

3. Ecosystems and Change

Chapter 3: What is an Invasive?

1. Aquatic Invaders: Invasive Species       

2. Aquatic Plant Invasion!       

3. Invasion!!

Chapter 4: Invasive Effects on the Ecosystem 

1. Bioinvasion        

2. Invasives in our Neighborhood       

3. Invasive or Native? 

Chapter 5: Type of Aquatic Invasive Plants

1. Aquatic Invasive Plants Taking Over      

2. Musical Milfoil      

3. Aquatic Invasive Plant Identification

Chapter 6: Type of Animal Invasives

1. Exotic Species Wanted!       

2. Invasive Research      

3. Types of Aquatic Invasive Animals

Chapter 7: Water Activity Considerations

1. Develop a Wellhead Protection Program       

2. Pollution Soup      

3. Zebra Mussels in the Great Lakes Ecosystem

Chapter 8: Prevention of Spreading Invasives

1. Classroom Takeover!       

2. Invasive Species Media Campaign        

3. Working Together to Live Together

Appendix A: Science Performance Standards

Appendix B: Invasive and Native Species Cards

Appendix C: Invasive or Native Activity Spinner and Stage Signs

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