Food, water, shelter and space are required to sustain life. In fragmented landscapes, wildlife move across property boundaries in order to obtain these essentials. To improve wildlife habitat, it is important for communities and neighbors to cooperatively manage natural resources across property boundaries. Everyone has an important role to play to sustain wildlife populations for future generations. 

Golden Sands RC&D has partnered with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to educate communities about the importance of cooperative wildlife and forest management and are helping private landowners form group cooperatives through the Deer Management Assistance Program. By enrolling into DMAP, landowners have the opportunity to have a non-regulatory wildlife management plan written for their property after a site visit from their county's forester and wildlife biologist. Golden Sands RC&D has additionally partnered with the U.S Fish and Wildlife Services Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program to help private landowners restore prairie and other land cover types for the federally endangered Karner blue butterfly. Click here to learn about how you can get involved in Golden Sands RC&D's Cooperating for Woods and Wildlife project. ​