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EAB Resources

What we're doing

Golden Sands is working to help homeowners and communities be prepared for emerald ash borer.  See what we're doing!

What you can do

1. Learn about EAB and how you can protect your trees using the helpful links below.

2. Share the info with friends!

3. Report symptoms of EAB.

4. Support our work!  Donate now to support EAB outreach and planning efforts.         Photo: Cornell University


What is emerald ash borer and why is it important?  Click here.

Map of EAB in Wisconsin

Identification of the EAB beetle.

Symptoms to watch for.

Is my tree an ash tree?  Click here.

Is my tree worth saving?  Click here.

Deciding what to do if your tree has EAB. 

Report a possible infestation at:  DATCPEmeraldAshBorer@wisconsin.gov or call 1-800-462-2803. 

Insecticide treatments for homeowners

Urban Wood Users Directory, so you can put that wood to good use!

Toolbox for Communities to prepare for EAB.

EAB University webinars for all the latest EAB info

Cost-sharing for municipalities, available from WI Dept of Natural Resources Urban Forestry Grants.

Order free brochures: What is Emerald Ash Borer?  From USDA at this website.