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"Thank you for the informational boat trip to survey Bear Lake. We are especially grateful for spotting the Japanese knotweed. Hopefully it can be stopped in its tracks. Your time and concern for this beautiful lake is very much appreciated!" -- Bear Lake resident

"Thank you for coming to Twin Oaks Environmental Camp. I really liked the game that we played and it really helped me learn more about how invasive species take over in areas. I was up at my cabin the other day, by the lake and saw a sign that talked about aquatic hitchhikers and invasive species. And my brother and I knew what that meant because of you! Thanks again!"  -- 5th grade student

"I learned lots of things during your presentation.... its not just animals who cause invasive plants to spread, it's also people. The thing I found most interesting was how fast they can spread. That game was a good way of showing it.  Thanks again!  -- 5th grade student
"Sunset Lake, Portage County, has such a big success story due to educational breakfasts with such people as Paul Skawinski (RC&D).  In 2009 Paul sighted some Eurasian Milfoil in Sunset and in the spring chemicals were applied....  In the fall of 2010... I spotted new outgrowth of Eurasian Milfoil.  I took the EM to Paul's office in Point to verify it.... I think this is an example of equipping residents with some knowledge of their lake so they can be an active part of the protection and sustainability of the lake....  I am so proud I actually could identify the AIS and that we had the support of professionals."  -- Sunset Lake resident

"The work that Golden Sands RC&D has performed in Waupaca County in 2011, such as the AIS inventory of our lakes and the coordination of AIS eradication events with our existing lake groups, has been crucial in helping the (Land & Water Conservation Dept.) to re-establish its goals of improving water resources within the county."  -- Brian Haase, County Conservationist, Waupaca County Land

"Thank you so much for the AIS training you provided our association.... The hands-on-fact-finding trip around our lake was fun and invaluable.  Unfortunately for us, we did find purple loosestrife. However, with your valuable input, and assurance that it is manageable at this point, we have already implemented a plan to control and hopefully eliminate the purple loosestrife we did find...."  -- Hidden Springs resident 

"Due to the knowledge and skills of AIS from Golden Sands we residents are equipped to help monitor and keep EM and Phragmites from taking over this beautiful peaceful lake. We are very close to eradicating [them] because Golden Sands has the discipline and professional expertise to assist us." - Sunset Lake resident

"All of your and Golden Sands RC&D's AIS work makes a big difference and provides great support to Spring Lake Management District as we become more proficient at recognizing EWM and work with various divers to remove [AIS] from Spring Lake." - Spring Lake resident

"Golden Sands RC&D truly makes a difference in the quality of life for people in central Wisconsin." - Wisconsin Rapids resident.