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Mission & History

Our Mission

Manage natural and human resources in ways consistent with sound conservation principles by working across county lines to address local concerns.

Our Vision

We will make Central Wisconsin a better place to live and work by bringing people together in projects grounded in science-based principles of conservation.

Our History

Golden Sands RC&D is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that started in 1972, when elected officials of Wood, Waushara, Adams, Juneau, Portage, Waupaca, Marathon, Marquette, Jackson and Monroe counties had the foresight to recognize that environmental issues do not stop at their respective county borders. They realized the value of having an independent, non-partisan conservation organization that spanned all of the counties in the Central Sands region of Wisconsin to help them accomplish their environmental goals and serve their citizens. As a result, County Board Supervisors from these ten counties came together to sign on as sponsors for a plan that created Golden Sands Resource Conservation and Development Council, Inc.

Golden Sands RC&D’s primary goals have not changed since its inception. For more than forty years, Golden Sands RC&D has partnered with state and federal government agencies, county governments, municipalities, other conservation groups, grass-roots organizations, teachers, farmers, conservationists and others to protect and promote Central Wisconsin’s natural resources.